Services at inuplan

We are a Greenlandic company that runs consulting engineering companies within the construction industry, environment and nature as well as the oil and mining industry. We provide advice on the most common tasks in connection with planning and implementation of buildings, infrastructure facilities, plants, energy and water supply, environment and nature, oil and mining industry in Greenland, including:

Our Services

Housing construction
Land development including roads, roundabouts and sewer lines
Supply plants such as power plants, hydropower plants and power lines
Infrastructural facilities such as airports and harbors
Environmental action plans, waste management, wastewater plans, soil contamination
Municipal plans, sectoral planning and budgeting
Client consultancy, draft proposals, project management, procurement and contracting, construction management and supervision


Construction and Infrastructure
Electricity works
Energy, works
Energy, plumbing and ventilation
Environment and Nature
Planning and client consulting
Renovation and maintenance
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